Photo of Rebecca Mcintire, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Rebecca Mcintire, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Breckenridge Medical Center


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101 S. Hartford


Becky McIntire has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 17 years and sees patients full-time at Breckenridge Medical Center. "As a family nurse practitioner I have been trained to treat the whole family, from infancy to the elderly. That means I can assess, diagnose and treat the majority of conditions that present to the clinic. I also know that patients with complex conditions sometimes need to see a physician or a specialist."

McIntire began her nursing career 35 years ago in hospitals focusing on labor and delivery, operating and emergency nursing. She served as Director of Quality Management at Eastland Memorial Hospital as well as Director of Nursing at Stephens Memorial Hospital. Becky was a working mom of three while commuting to the UT Arlington to obtain her Master of Science Degree in Nursing. She worked for several years as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Ranger, DeLeon and Eastland.

"I continued to work in nursing management as well and spent some time working for a consulting group. My job was to troubleshoot and manage a department or hospital until a permanent Director or CNO was hired. I worked on projects in Missouri, Washington, Florida, Maryland and Arkansas. An opportunity became available for me to work in Breckenridge at the clinic so I was really glad to be back. Working as a Family Nurse Practitioner brought me full circle back to caring for patients and having a positive impact on their lives."

"By working as a team at Breckenridge Medical Center, we have a group of professionals with tremendous medical experience. We have a variety of medical skills and interests. Each of the providers can focus on the special needs of the patients with the support of one another. This is a great advantage for everyone in Stephens County."

"My passion is in women and children's health. I am also focused on teaching patients about maintaining a balance for optimal health. I want the people of Stephens County to know that they can get special care right here in Breckenridge."

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